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Astrohazard Solutions Ltd. is an interstellar and interspecies corporation dealing mainly with removing and redirecting asteroids and other cosmic junk that threatens their Clients.

In this story-driven, action 2D Sci-Fi game, the player assumes the role of a fresh employee (Operator) hired by Astrohazard Solutions. Operator is assigned various space contracts for different Clients, each with their own specific (and sometimes weird) policies and requests. Operator's main tool is the AstroBeam™ cannon, mounted on a drone, a spaceship, or a turret. Payments for successfully completed assignments can be used between contracts to buy upgrades and improve technology in Astrohazard Solutions’ HQ. In the Headquarters, Operator can also interact with four other employees: Directron (boss), Stasis (intern), Vorp (Chief Engineer) and Gor (Alien Resources manager), and experience some other aspects of corporate daily routine...

Main features:

  • Innovative AstroBeam™ physics: gradually slow down and push away incoming hazards instead of destroying them
  • Diversified mission goals with three distinctive game modes
  • Detailed storyline, full of ironic humor and references to modern corporate culture, as well as to well-known sci-fi motifs
  • Memorable characters with unique personalities
  • Distinctive, cartoon art style
Release date Dec 10, 2017
AuthorBob Games
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Asteroids, astrohazard, astrohazard-solutions, bob-games, Funny, Sci-fi, Space, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours
LinksSteam, Steam, Soundtrack




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Excellent game, 100% achievements on Steam! Thank you for creating/sharing it!

Side note - this game gave me my first gender-neutral waifu .. husbando  .. spousu

Thank you very much! : )